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Digital Forensics

We lead forensic investigations on behalf of organizations and private individuals. Our Team of Security Researchers have the right tools, certifications and expertise to perform the expert analysis of mobile devices and other storage media that you need for accurate legal forensic or private investigation purposes. We use modern efficient methods combined with specialized software to recover data that is often seen as too hard to retrieve.

Penetration Testing

ALT8 Security Specialists are trained like hackers and can perform a simulated attack on your company’s environment to discover vulnerabilities. You will get a detailed report of all found vulnerabilities and explore possible methods to fix them by applying certified analysis of corporate security technologies and procedures. Use our pen testing services as either a one-time process or institute a regular monitoring program to ensure ongoing protection for your operations.


Our Certified Security Specialists are always on the lookout for the latest cybersecurity trends and thus are well armed against potential threats. Be sure that your assets will stay safe with a monitored and responsive security packages designed by our Certified Security Researchers. Our services are customized exactly to our clients own specific needs.


We design, manage, provide daily technical support, and offer a wide array of technology management services. Our automated systems scan client networks for vulnerabilities while our team constantly work to mitigate risks thereby providing a necessary layer of protection for your company. As a result your business will be able to rely on a robust, safe and stable support services.

Managed Backup

You can rely on our secure onsite and offsite backup solutions. We have partnered with key backup software providers to offer a set of services that meet the security and recovery needs of your organization. No matter if you are using virtualized, cloud, or hardware-based technologies, we design, build, manage all types of backup solutions with our customized alert monitoring to ensure that your business is resilient and always ready for disaster recovery.


We look for new devices that present security concerns and problematic configurations or instances where software has been updated or changed quietly in the background. We can help you identify system vulnerabilities before they become exploited. Our experts use specialized software for ongoing network assessment services, which include audits of devices, operating system changes, software vulnerabilities, and other critical assets.


We are ready to assist with migrations, upgrades, application and web development needs by offering flexible hourly or fixed-price models. You get the value of Generalist IT and Cyber Security skillsets as an added value for your business. Now you can be sure that security was built-in from the very beginning and you can operate your business with peace of mind.


If your company is preparing for a merger or acquisition, it is crucial that the IT infrastructure remains known secure and stable during the entire process. Our seasoned Cyber Security Specialists will help you assess and prepare your infrastructure for the transition by augmenting your staff quickly and painlessly. We will help you to identify the security risks of your new acquisition and mitigate critical issues to get the most value from your investment, no matter if you are a buyer or a seller.


It Is In Our Nature To Think Forward and Put Service First

ALT8 (Alternare Infinitum ∞)

Infinite Ways Exist
uniquely specialized skillsets in cyber security

We are an International Security Services Provider. With offices in North America and South East Asia, we provide a global presence. As one of the few companies devoted strictly to proactive technology security techniques, we provide unique services and benefits to our clients. Security management has grown from purely "set it and forget it" practice into the constantly evolving daily challenge. Our mission is to be dedicated to understanding the constant evolution of security practices and technology so that we can truly be a proactive force against the ever changing cyber threatscape.

  • Our team of professionals and seasoned consultants hold Globally Recognized Security Certifications.

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